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Vrijeme: 2022-11-09 Hits: 59

Kao dobavljač sa više od 12 godina međunarodnog iskustva u OEM i asortimanu usluga na proizvodima reketa, Changsha SINGSONG Sports Equipment Co., Ltd je specijalizirana za rekete za tenis na pijesku, rekete za padel, lopatice za kiselu kuglu.

Our international team include purchase, inspection & marketing department, which have rich experience on overseas supporting services. Especially, 28 procedures make every order going smoothly.


The rackets production is mostly hand-made,complicated and has many procedures,and we have many material for customer choose,such as glass fiber,50% carbon,full carbon,3K,12K,18K and son on.



At the same time, our company provides customers with personalized customized services. As long as customers provide their company logo, we can make products that satisfy them. Therefore, we are well-reputationed around the world with excellent quality,competitive price and professional services.


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