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Singsong Sports is a company who specializing in manufacturing and selling beach rackets, padels, squash racket, rackets balls and bags, etc.
Factory covers an area about 40 acres,plant area of roughly 26000 square meteres, own 100+ experienced workers and 5 QC and 20 processes guards your goods quality .

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  • How To Choosing Your Padel Racket?
    How To Choosing Your Padel Racket?

    Whether you are an advanced player or new to Padel, choosing the right racket is an important decision. There is a wide range of rackets out there on the market but not all have the same prices and performance so, which one is the right one for you?

  • Know More About Beach Tennis Rackets
    Know More About Beach Tennis Rackets

    Beach tennis was founded in 2002 and ITF in 2008. It is one of the most popular founding and emerging sports in the world, and it is also an international and professional ball game.

  • Tko smo mi?
    Tko smo mi?

    As a supplier with 12 + years of international OEM & assorting service experience on rackets products,Changsha SINGSONG Sports Equipment Co., Ltd is specialized in beach tennis rackets,padel rackets,pickleball paddles.


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